Saturday, March 21, 2009

A Step of Faith...

Thank you for visiting Our Sole Purpose!

Many of you reading this know our story. You know our family, you know our mother, you have walked our journey with us. You have prayed with us, encouraged us and shown strength, hope and love when we needed it the most. For those of you that do not know us, our story is one of hope… Our Mother, Vicki Rogers, was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer in the Fall of 2005. As many of you probably know, as a child, hearing your parent has cancer is not an easy thing to swallow. Knowing your mother is sick, and fearing the unknown is a tough place to be. After undergoing weeks of intensive chemotherapy followed by a double mastectomy and radiation, she pressed on with the hope of becoming cancer free. With the love and care of a wonderful Doctor and the encouragement of family, dear friends and even strangers…she was healed.

Four years later, we walk. On the weekend of November 6th, we will gather together in Dallas with thousands of other participants for a 3-day, 60 mile test of endurance, faith and tennis shoes! We will walk side by side with our mother, and mom’s dear friend Coleen Davis with the mission of finding a cure. Each walker must raise a minimum of $2,300. You can see that as a family of 3 walkers, we will need to raise close to $7,000! That will be a wonderful donation to the Komen foundation! Imagine the opportunity for advances in technology, new treatments, or even a CURE because of the financial contributions raised through this walk. To the right of this page you will see three links for our personal Komen pages. This page is where you will find information about the 3-day walk and where you can make a donation should you want to. Please join us in our journey by prayer, a donation, or both, and we will bring you along for every shin splint, iced knee, and memory along the way.

Many of you have joined us for Race for the Cure in Austin over the past three years and we will be walking for you. We will represent Team Zsa Zsa through the 3-day and we will share our journey through this blog. We will keep you updated on our training progress, share stories from “the road”, and hopefully entertain you with our antics and inspire you with our hope for a cure. Thank you so much for your support – you are our strength, after all.

As Cinderella once said, “The right shoe can change your life,” and that is our prayer. Lord, guide our steps.

Love to you all,
Kristen, Vicki and Tiffany

Team OSP

Tiffany, Kristen and Mom (Vicki)

Mom and Coleen


  1. I'm so excited that y'all are doing this and can't wait to follow your journey together!!

    Love to all of you,

  2. This will be so fun! I know ladies that have done this and they say it is unforgetable! "I'm down with OSP..yeah you know me!" LOL! Go girls go!

  3. this is THE cutest blog EVER! i can't wait to stay updated!!! you go girls!

  4. I love the blog design! I can't wait to hear about all of the training. I'm sure it will be quite an adventure. You all will do great!