Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Tales from the road...

Last weekend I had the pleasure of walking White Rock Lake with Tiffany and Coleen in what was our longest training session to date. Popping up with the sun on Saturday morning, we started our walk dressed in our warmest gear (everyone except for me...oops!) for the chilly 50-degree weather that had moved in town to greet us. We started the trail at 7:15 and noted that the "bridge" was our landmark. We were able to know how far from the finish we were with respect to our proximity to the bridge. In usual fashion, what started out as a loving landmark quickly turned into the the dreaded reality in the eyes of three very hungry/tired women, "Ok y'all, WHERE is the bridge?!"

We powered through a Walk & Wag marathon, the eventual temperature change and several new blisters to complete our walk with a restored calm that we can, in fact, do this. We now have a 9 day countdown until we start our race and we couldn't be more excited. Thank you again for all of your prayers and support - we couldn't do it without you!

Sunrise...sunset (FYI - these were taken from the bridge)

Monday, October 26, 2009

We've Got Spirit Yes We Do! We've Got Spirit How 'Bout YOU!

Training is coming to an end and the walk is near!! In T-12 days we will be on our 3-Day journey surrounded by many with a common mission We are SO excited and we are so thankful for your prayers and support! We would ask that you continue to pray for us over the coming days as we prepare mentally and physically for what awaits us!

Next Friday (November 6th) we will begin at 5:30am with check in and opening ceremonies and we will begin walking around 7am. We will walk 20.2 miles on day one and then we'll do it all over again on days 2 and 3. This weekend I was in Dallas and had the privilege of walking with Coleen and Kristen for our 18 mile training walk. It was so great and Kristen got some great photos! Hopefully she'll share that with y'all! Mom had to walk alone, but she had a great walk Saturday too. I was home on Sunday and mom and I were able to walk that one together. We were SO lucky to have 2 gorgeous days this weekend. We are PRAYING each day for the same fortune next weekend! I would honestly ask you to pray for that as well.

Again, THANK YOU for your constant support of us! We wouldn't be able to do this without you! I am going to post some information I found on the 3-Day website below. It lists the cheering stations, so if any of you are in the area and would like to stop by we would be so glad to see you! You can also click here to follow us on Twitter!


Before the Event

Getting ready for the Breast Cancer 3-Day is a big job. Here are some ways to support your participant before the big day arrives.

Write a letter expressing your love and support to your walker. Send it to our P.O. Box, and we'll collect the letters and deliver to them on the event at the Breast Cancer 3-Day camp. Send letters to:

Breast Cancer 3-Day Post Office
P.O. Box 126496
Benbrook, TX 76126

Envelopes only, please. No boxes or large packages. Mail must be postmarked no later than October 27th in order to ensure delivery. Any mail that is not retrieved by the participant by November 20th will be destroyed.

Organize a group to host your very own private cheering station. (Contact for more information.)
Help raise money.
Go on a training walk.

Cheering Stations

Public cheering stations are a great way to show your support along the route to encourage walkers and let them know that you are with them every step of the way. Seeing familiar faces cheering them on can provide that extra burst of energy that gets them to take that next step or go the next mile. Create banners, hold up signs, bring some music and make some noise - anything to make them smile, get energized and keep walking.
  • Friday, November 6:
    8:00 am - 9:30 am
    Haggard Park
    901 E 15th St.
    Plano, TX 75074
  • 12:30 pm - 4:30 pm
    Manhatten/ Office in the Park
    14831 Midway & 14677 Midway
    Addison, TX 75001
    Please do not park in front of Ferrari's restaurant or Mattress Giant Corp HQ building.
  • Saturday, November 7:
    7:45 am - 9:00 am
    Unity Church of Dallas
    6525 Forest Ln.
    Dallas, TX 75230
  • 10:45 am - 2:15 pm
    Prestonwood Village
    5505 Arapaho
    Dallas, TX 75248
  • Sunday, November 8:
    8:45 am - 11:00 am
    Bank of America - Park Cities
    5500 Preston
    Dallas, TX 75205
  • 11:15 am - 2:00 pm
    Historic West End
    N. Market St., from Munger to Elm
    Dallas, TX 75202

Closing Ceremony

After three days and 60 miles, participants will take a final and incredibly emotional victory walk into the Closing Ceremony. Friends, family and supporters should arrive at the Closing Ceremony site at least one hour early to get the best view of the program. Please allow extra travel time due to expected traffic congestion at the site.

  • Sunday, November 8th
    4:30 pm
    Fair Park
    1300 Robert B Cullum Blvd.
    Dallas, TX 75210
    Enter Gate 10, by concert venue

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Cupcakes for a cause!

There is nothing more that I love than a good cupcake!

Sprinkles happens to be a Dallas favorite and just recently I came across their Komen-themed strawberry cupcakes...too cute! Sprinkles baked their Pink Ribbon cupcakes during the week of Oct. 1-7 and donated all of their proceeds to the Women's Cancer Research Fund.

Just think, you can cure your craving all the while helping the cure! Here is a picture of the festive little post-race treats :)

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Guitar Hero...

I was in Nashville this past weekend and was excited to see the Hard Rock Cafe "Rockin' out" for a cure! This guitar is HUGE and was spinning around for the city to see. It's exciting to see so many people and companies involved in raising awareness about the fight against breast cancer. I think one of these days we're gonna win!!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Retail Therapy...

I hope you like pink, because you'll be seeing a lot of it for the next 31 days! October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and it's time to spread the word and fight the fight! We're walking, and walking, and walking and praying and hoping for a cure, and we hope you are shopping for a cure! We'll be sure to do our part to help out on that front as well! ;)

Retail therapy is just what the doctor ordered to find a cure. This month you'll see pink everywhere you look and retailers everywhere will offer special products and purchases that benefit breast cancer research foundations. Buy, buy, buy!!
Please support the stores and vendors that give proceeds to breast cancer research. Take a moment to tell managers "thank you" for their support. Spend money! :) Go hit the stores and remember to THINK PINK!!

Here are a few of my favorite pink products I have seen so far this year....

I'm loving this necklace!

Yes, that's a pink Snuggie!

GUESS is donating 10% of the sale from each watch sold!! I think this will look great on you!!

When everyone is looking at your watch you'll want your nails painted in this fabulous OPI color! And don't forget your lips!

Tell everyone at the country club to think pink....

Be sure to invite me over to share whatever you whip up with your new KitchenAid products! KitchenAid has fabulous pink products which are part of their Cook for a Cure product line.

Click here to see some of the products I featured last year for breast cancer awareness. Some of the same vendors will have a 2009 line! And click here for a fantastic (and comprehensive) list of products offered by retailers everywhere! Happy shopping!